Monday, February 22, 2010

Foil for healthy food

Every food requires packaging / packaging, for protect also preserving food.
The existence of the package, allowing us to enjoy the bread with butter or jam, biscuits, instant noodles, and various beverages like oyster mushrooms. The packaging was secure and preserve all types of food and beverages.
Packaging functions are: (1) protect the product against the effects of weather, sunshine, crash, dirt, etc., (2) attract the attention of consumers, (3) facilitate the distribution, storage and display (display), (4) where pasting labels which contains information about a product, material composition (ingredient), net contents, name and address of manufacturer / importer, registration numbers, production codes, expiration dates, usage instructions, nutritional value of information (nutrition fact), the sign halal, and claims / statements special.
Foil is a thin material of metal material is rolled with a thickness of less than 0.15 mm and a width of 1.52 meters to 4.06 meters. Foil generally not based on pure metals. Many kinds of application of foil products can be found at

The function of this foil is to minimize these bacteria to enter into the food.
Characteristics of aluminum foil admired for its strong, lightweight, heat resistant, and nearly airtight, do not contain magnets, so that helps to separate the aluminum from recycled cans.

Impermeability of oxygen makes aluminum foil is ideal for export packaging because it is often experienced corrosion problems. In addition, easily formed, though easily wrinkled.

Aluminum foil is often used as a layer in the containers to protect products from damage, such as coating the inside of the juice box. Although able to hold fat, resistance to acids and bases are still lacking, thus requiring an additional layer of wax or other chemical layers.

Resistance to heat of the sun made of aluminum foil is widely used also in the health ingredients. Resilience aluminum foil to heat the temperature can reach 550 degrees Celsius, so that medical equipment can be sterilized with this material is covered.

Look for many options of flexible packing, laminating foil, nameplate sheets, confectioners foil from Alufoil (specially made for chocolate, candy and other confectionary goods) and more.(

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